The space is intimate yet bright and fully equipped with Gratz equipment. 


introductory package

The intro pack is three private sessions. We will explore all of the apparatus and learn what your body needs specifically.

3 sessions $175

private sessions

You will use all of the studio apparatus, learn all of the exercises on each, and learn how to feel the method in your body. Each apparatus has a unique design to help you initiate movement from your center.

1 session $85

5 session package $400

10 session package $750

duet sessions

The same as private sessions, except w/ a buddy. Ideally, you have your own buddy ready to go but I do also have an ongoing list of clients looking for a partner.  

5 session package $275

10 session package $500

skype sessions

Surprisingly terrific!! Don't worry, I can see everything and your workout will be just as challenging as if I were there. The best part? You get to do Pilates in the comfort of your home or office and save on commute time. 

1 session $85

5 sessions $400

10 sessions $750

mat  trio

A rigorous 45 minute class to get your sweat on and MOVE your body. No previous experience needed for the Mat Class. Please call for the current schedule.

pilates for your work crew

An initial consult is required. I will visit your space and create a class that is tailored to work with your environment and give you the results you are looking for. The Method is doable anywhere! Workplace classes can be any length desired and therefore prices will vary. 

initial consult  $50