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My monthly email offers a topic to explore and add to your pilates ritual. As lovers of movement it's important to stay curious about our bodies: to be present, mindful, observe, connect, and get sweaty. The email is connected to my blog and instagram so you can follow along as I explore and create a physical ritual that is always evolving.

"In order to achieve happiness, it is imperative to gain mastery of your body."Joseph Pilates

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form your ritual mini-workshop

 A 90-minute workshop for instructors held the last Friday of every month. Each month we will explore a different exercise. We will discuss what the exercises are and how to make the most of the apparatus. We will connect the exercises within The Method; this makes for the most effective teaching. Expect to explore, move, and improve your form. Complete the form below to receive an invitation.

Workshop fee $50. Call 510.502.0077 to book your spot.

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