a ritual to try

MarchMatness started it all. I am proud to say I did not miss a single day. I did all 34 exercises everyday and I feel amazing. Nothing makes me sing The Method’s praises louder than the mat work, it’s my favorite. I’m a mover and mat allows for that endless flow. It got me out of the body slump I have been in for the past year. Yes, YEAR! I was practicing minimally. I allowed the stress in my life to crowd out the time I used to reserve for Pilates and it all led up to me feeling horrible in my body. It also made teaching way more difficult.

I felt so invigorated after March I kept it going for the month of April. I did the reformer EVERY day. The whole advanced series. By the last week it was taking me only 35 minutes. So right now, here we are in May, and I’m still getting the advanced series done in 35 minutes and I’m proud to say I’m feeling that 2 way stretch as much as I did while I was in The Work. A little daily dedication got me right back to where I feel freaking amazing in my body ALL the time. Aren’t we so fortunate, as instructors of this Method, to feel amazing in our bodies. It leads to a much quieter mind and all around better quality of life. This is what I am so passionate about and love sharing.

I would never wish a whole year long slump on anyone, but it happens. If you are in need of a pick me up, here’s my ritual if you want to give it a go:

  1. Pick an apparatus and a series and do it every day. If it’s a yoga mat, no problem. Just commit to it, all 34 exercises. Same time, same place.

  2. Then set a timer. Keep yourself on track; it’s too easy to get stalled along the way when things aren’t feeling as they “should.” 30-45 minutes works well for me.

  3. When things don’t feel as they “should.” Keep moving! Don’t disregard the feeling, however, no no. Just keep the process simple.

  4. Here’s the process: first ask, WHY and then WHERE? Why isn’t it feeling the way I know it “should". The next bit is important- scan your body and notice WHERE you are feeling things the most. DO NOT start thinking, stay in your body and stay curious.Follow this recipe for the week/month. Ask, Why? and then ask Where? For example, you’re on the spine corrector and you are just not feeling the stretch at all. “Why?” It feels hard. (yes, that simple) Then ask, “Where?” What part of your body is talking to you the most? Oh, I feel all the work in my legs. (yes, that simple.)

  5. After the WHY and the WHERE, tell yourself this: Every exercise is a full body exercise. Say it aloud if you need to stay out of your head. Your thoughts are a flowing plenty already. Your body needs you more at this point.

  6. Last, but not least : Keep moving, get through the series you’d planned on completing. Stop when your timer goes off.

Inevitably, you will have break throughs in your body and this is what leads to break throughs in your teaching as well (if you’re an instructor). My new thing, literally trying it out today, is to write down my why’s, where’s, and what happened. Documenting your process helps you own it, AND share it. This is your craft to grow, evolve, and teach. How wonderful is that.