new rituals

I hope this year is off to a wonderful start. Govt shut down aside; so far so good here. I’ve managed to get in a solid Pilates workout every other day and I’ve carved out a bit of self-care time every day.

I did a cleanse at the end of the year and it was very enlightening. I’ve NEVER done a cleanse, it’s always sounded so torturous to me. The reason I decided it was time to give one a go was my lack of energy and not feeling like myself. at. all. I chose the “Conscious Cleanse,” written by two Boulder yogis. I highly recommend it. For the first time since pregnancy I gave up alcohol and COFFEE. Which was huge. There were lots of other things I gave my body a break from: sugar, gluten, eggs. I feel like a reprieve from alcohol and coffee had the most profound effect on me. I’ve gone back to cocktails and wine, in moderation, but to my surprise I can’t go back to coffee. I’ve read that your average cup of coffee has 100-300 mg of caffeine and a cup of tea has 20-60mg. I feel sooooooo much better without coffee and at this point it’s not worth me going back. Also, I’ve noticed a major change in my skin. So for the moment, my new morning ritual consists of Earl Grey w/ a splash of almond milk.

As for Pilates, my love of all things authentic is soaring to new heights. Have you ever done the mat work from “Return to Life” as-is with no added fluff? We can’t really get any more authentic than that, can we? It’s pretty rad. It’s my challenge for the month. I’ve recorded myself reading the book with a 1 minute pause between exercises. I do 5-10 repetitions of each exercise. Interested? Return to Life is $17 on amazon. Join me!